How Much Does a Pharmacy Technician Earn?

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Pharmacy Technicians are healthcare professionals who work collaboratively with pharmacists and are responsible for preparing, supplying, administering as well as promoting the safe and effective use of medicines. They also accuracy check medicines for prescriptions, package, assemble and label them, as well as respond to patients and customers queries. A Pharmacy Technician could be placed […]

Psilocybin availability in the UK

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It is no secret in the medical sector, that evidence for the efficacy of traditional antidepressants (SSRIs, SNRIs, NASSAs…) is underwhelming. In 2018, the largest ever meta-analysis concluded that the majority of their effect, if any, can be attributed to placebo¹. That being said, the clinical rationale for taking them is still sound, as prescribing […]

Can pharmacists prescribe cannabis-based medicines?

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Currently, prescribing pharmacists in the UK cannot prescribe cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPMs). Prescribing of CBPMs for medicinal use in the UK is restricted to only those clinicians listed on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council¹. The GMC² does not specify what type of speciality is needed (there are over 60 possible […]

MMR vaccines do not cause autism.

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Primary Review Twenty epidemiologic studies have shown that neither thimerosal nor MMR vaccine causes autism. These studies have been performed in several countries by many different investigators who have employed a multitude of epidemiologic and statistical methods. The large size of the studied populations has afforded a level of statistical power sufficient to detect even […]

Psychoactive Candy

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In the latter half of 2020, it has been reported in the popular press¹’²’³, that a number of school-aged children from Camden, London, UK have been taken to hospital having taken imitation “Nerds” sweets containing the psychoactive element of cannabis, THC. The pack (see above) states it contains a total amount of 600 mg of […]

Hong Kong Flu 2020?

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With second and third waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in full bloom, we look at what new pandemic might lie just over the horizon. The planet has experienced far worse pandemics than COVID-19. Other than the Black Death and European plagues, where epidemiological data is understandably spotty; Russian, Spanish, Asian and Hong Kong Flu have […]