Swimming Upstream – Pharmacy Service Commissioning

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The independent community pharmacy sector is fast evolving into a more service-based model. With the impending acquisition of Pharmacy2U by Amazon and the meteoric rise of internet pharmacies such as Well and Boots… (see image below) We don’t have much choice. Our representative associations have promised more commissioned services to compensate for this loss, but […]

How to set up a distance selling pharmacy in the UK.

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In the UK, a business which can dispense Prescription Only Medicines (POMs) against a prescription is termed a ‘Pharmacy‘ and must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), the UK pharmacy regulator. “Pharmacy” is considered a protected title by the UK government, meaning using the title in regards to a business without registration can […]

Secure Online Pharmacy Exams via Remote Proctoring

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In response to the COVID pandemic, many pharmacy-based educational institutions are looking for new ways to increase the proportion of offline vs online courses that they offer. Traditionally, the ratio has been in favour of offline courses due to the lack of technology. However, new developments in IT spurred by COVID-19 are making online learning […]

Top 5 foods that cause dog death.

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There seems to be a considerable amount of misinformation on the internet about which foods a dog can or cannot eat. Some websites say pistachios are deadly poisonous whilst others say they are full of canine micronutrients. So what can Fido actually eat? In this article, we try and sift through the internet detritus and […]

GPhC Inspection Open Data Analysis

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The GPhC is now following suit with the CQC and openly publishing inspection data on https://inspections.pharmacyregulation.org/. It makes for a fascinating read why certain pharmacies do not meet the standards required by the regulator. As there is a lot of data (see below) we have amalgamated the “Standards Not Met” section of the reports. Standards […]