Travel Health Risk Assessment

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Risk assessment is at the core of what a pharmacist travel health clinician does. It is not just our job to analyse where the patient is going but multiple additional factors which contribute to their safety abroad. The list can be extensive, the main risk factors include: How long are they going for? The average […]

Why are pharmacist locums being paid more?

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Looks like pay for pharmacy locums in the UK is on the upswing. But why? The standard economics 101 rationale pulls up 6 factors: The balance of negotiating strength between employees and employers. Pharmacy is increasingly becoming better unionised, the PDA seems to be going from strength to strength with their recent success at Boots. Previous and current profitability of […]

Paperless Pharmacy

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Becoming Paperless is inevitable. Putting aside the ecological benefits, it makes the macro process of pharmacy safer, faster and more cost effective. But why has it taken so long? One common answer to this question is that Pharmacists are inherently technophobic. The reasoning behind this is as their job is sp intensely micro-transactional and requires […]

10 Common Pharmacists Excuses for not Evolving

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1. Too busy dispensing / can’t afford locum cover to leave the pharmacy 2. Can’t easily arrange insurance cover to vaccinate children if independent prescriber 3. Can’t arrange PGD for children if pharmacist not registered as a prescriber 4. Haven’t arranged DBS certificate to treat children 5. School / Nursery completely unaware pharmacist can vaccinate […]

Digital Pharmacy and Voice Assistants

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As of October 2018, this is what Alexa is used for… It would be interesting to see statistics from other devices such as Google home and Siri, however, I am sure they are very similar. I think this is the emergence of a new digital ecosystem, similar to how the iPhone established the Apple Store […]